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Weddings, Parties & Celebrations...Everything is Perfect
It is your day and we know how to take excellent care of you! Our staff make sure everything is perfect so you can truly relax and enjoy!

As full service professional caterers, we have the years of planning experience to anticipate every detail of your event, and coordinate it flawlessly. Whatever your dream, we can make it come true.

We assist with selecting a location, the decor and flowers, and coordinating all the resources such as beverage service, and entertainment. There is simply no need for a coordinator!

Our individually designed, and beautifully prepared menus, are of the highest quality. We use the freshest ingredients available and have a team of chefs that take pride in their creations. Our service staff are hand selected to assure you professionalism, and peace of mind.


There are a few important things to think about when starting to plan your wedding (or any event) which simplifies the process and helps to clarify just how you want the day to go.

Dear Tom and Linda, We are still off in Aruba on our Honeymoon, but we decided that we couldn't wait a week to call you. We had to tell you that we had an absolutely wonderful wedding day filled with joys and little details beyond even our own plans! The food was incredible and we received a tremendous amount of compliments from friends and family - far beyond the usual plesantries. You guys have been great to work with all along, but you made the wedding itself appear seamless to our guests. Honestly, we cant say enough good things about the whole day and we are so grateful to you both that we just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you and let you know that if you ever need a reference - we are here for you completely. It was truly a magical day and you were the greatest part of making it all come together! Thank you for everything!!! With love, Becca and Greg

How Formal or Casual Do You Want Your Celebration?
"Thank you so much! You made everything so beautiful for our wedding. All our friends and family couldn't say enough good things about the reception"

"I was looking at wedding photos yesterday and I was reminded of how very grateful I am to you both! You made a stressful and difficult and joyful day even more joyful. I was able to enjoy the day. I tell everyone how wonderful you are. Thank you again for your kindness."

"Gregg and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Our wedding reception was better than we imagined it could be. Linda, we appreciate the time you spent with us on Thursday going over every detail. And Tom, thank you for the months of phone calls and emails to help create the fabulous menu selections. Everyone was so impressed with the taste and the presentation of your food. Your style and professionalism is outstanding."

Sit Down Dinner
This is the most formal of the styles. Guests sit at assigned places with the choice of entree made in advance. It is a chance to highlight your favorite foods, to have the chef be creative and artistic with each individual course- how many courses is dependent on your time constraints (how long it takes to serve eat, and clear each course, as well as pouring any special wines to accompany the course, and how long you have for your reception). What about a refreshing sorbet for a pallet cleanser after a rich entree such as duck, or maybe a cheese course showcasing some of our tasty local cheeses? It is also a perfect way to pair the fabulous wines of this region with your menu choices. With the addition of keepsake menus at each place that ties in with the decor, this is truly is a meal to remember.

This style is more casual (but still is perfectly suitable for a
formal event). There is more guest interaction. No formal seating arrangement is necessary, but still can be used. More food choices are available, and guests are able to pick and choose what appeals to them, as well as coming back for
more if desired. Food can be theme oriented or simply a collection of the hosts favorites.

This is the most casual style. This style allows guests to
nibble, wander, drink, socialize, and then nibble some more at their own pace, throughout the party. Food can be part of a theme (Mexican, Italian, WineCountry...the possibilities are endless!) or just different tables with tasty combinations of foods. Depending on the menu, particular stations may have chefs cooking for the guests.

Is There a Theme or Style to the Celebration?
Consider the type of decor, cuisine, musical preferences, and any special activities, etc. you would like. Please feel free to ask us for some suggestions.
What Time of Day and Year Is the Event?
Brunch , lunch, dinner, or just hors d'oeuvres? Seasonal temperatures usually dictate types of food with heavier and comforting in the winter, lighter and more refreshing in the summertime.
Is the Event Indoors or Outside?
The weather in Sonoma is usually free of rain for many months during the late spring, summer and early fall offering the opportunity for outdoor events especially in the afternoons. Depending on the location, tents can provide shade. Most importantly, remember that there are no rules- it is YOUR DAY, and your day to create just the type of event you have always dreamed of!
Beverage Trends

More and more we are seeing brides having very personalized weddings that reflect who they are and what they like. This is especially true when it comes to drinks...rare is the full bar (usually for older guests from out of town).

Most common is wine (after all, this is the Wine Country!), beer and champagne. Even the traditional champagne toast is going by the wayside, being replaced by the much more practical (and cost effective!) practice of the best man asking people to raise your glasses for a toast. This lets everyone toast with what they are already enjoying, even the youngest kids with their glasses of soda, and saves on the cost of extra champagne, extra glasses (at a cost of about $.50 each) as well as extra labor to pass out all the champagne.

Fun Drinks

Lemon Drops, Sour Apple Martinis, Blue Raspberry Martinis,
the choices are endless. Either something to go with a theme, such as serving Margaritas to go with a Mexican themed wedding, or just a favorite drink, such as a Lemon Drop. We are seeing brides choosing to have a 'specialty drink' as a fun addition to the beverages they offer at their wedding. It makes the party more upscale, fancy and festive. Choose something that matches the season, the setting and the mood of the event... beyond that, the skys the limit!


Wedding table setting

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